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Currently, EDJ School of Jiu-Jitsu runs coaching courses for members. The courses are available for all belt ranks 100% online.

The coaching structure consists of two main courses, Level 1 the Instructor Certification Program (ICP), and Level 2 the Black Belt Course. A brief description of each level is given below:

Level 1 – Instructor Certification Program: The course's main objective is to make sure the interaction between the instructor and student is as safe and professional as possible.

Coaches need to be aware of such as health and safety, child protection, pedagogy, and more. With some time devoted to developing one’s coaching style.

This course is the minimum qualification needed to become an assistant or a full-time coach.

Benefits of completing the ICP:

  • Learn the basic techniques of Jiu-Jitsu for beginners students
  • As a Certified Instructor, you are eligible to teach privates at EDJ Schools
  • Eligible for part or full-time instructor positions 
  • Improve your BJJ by learning how to help others

The ICP was designed to achieve the goal of making our instructors and school owners the best they can be.

Level 2 – Black Belt Course: The Black Belt is a reminder of the tremendous growth you've made while training - becoming fit, learning technique, gaining confidence, becoming disciplined, showing respect, overcoming mental and physical challenges - all important life skills that make you into a better person.

The Black Belt rank becomes synonymous with experience, wisdom, and knowledge. Most important the Black Belts become role models to be followed. Being a Black Belt is a huge responsibility.

The BBC is a prerequisite to acquiring a black belt at EDJ School of Jiu-Jitsu. However, an extremely important course and suitable for any Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, from blue belt to black belt.

The course can be done gradually and with planning done by the student, so that when the time comes to contemplate the Black Belt, the student will have his/her course completed.

Applicants will have needed to have completed the Level 1 course as well as completion of assisting / coaching hours of live coaching BJJ since completing Level 1. The minimum rank to apply for this course is a blue belt.

Benefits of completing the Black Belt Course:

  • Access to our school Beginners, Fundamentals, and Advance curriculums.
  • As a Certified Instructor, you are eligible to teach privates at EDJ Schools
  • Eligible for part or full-time instructor positions
  • Improve your BJJ by learning how to help others
  • Set yourself up for success if your goal is to own and operate your very own Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

All our Instructors are committed to developing themselves, grow their character, and always be learning. The aim of our Black Belt Course program is to strengthen this philosophy, and by doing so to assure that EDJ Schools around are aligned on these principles.


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Our courses are always evolving, an ongoing study with the goal of expanding and updating the knowledge of our team, both and off the mats.

- Professor Juan Pablo Garcia

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