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Instructor Certification Program: The course's main objective is to make sure the interaction between the instructor and student is as safe and professional as possible.

Coaches need to be aware of such as health and safety, child protection, pedagogy, and more. With some time devoted to developing one’s coaching style.

This course is the minimum qualification needed to become an assistant or a full-time coach.

Benefits of completing the ICP:

  • Learn the basic techniques of Jiu-Jitsu for beginners students
  • Lear how to better communicate to your students on the mat
  • Learn teaching tools and secrets to enhance your skills
  • Discover the possibility of a new career or a part time passion
  • Improve your BJJ by learning how to help others though an assistant or full time teaching role

The ICP was designed to achieve the goal of making our instructors and school owners the best they can be.



Make a difference in your community! Learn everything you need to know to keep your school and classes welcoming for everyone.

Student Endorsement

I've been training for about 13 years and in my beginnings I started in a school near my neighborhood, clarifying that there were not many schools in Chile at that time, I was training for a while and as the months passed I felt that I was not learning consistently.

One day I heard about a seminar of Professor Juan Pablo Garcia in my country, I really did not know him very well, I had heard that he was from the United States, but he was Ecuadorian by nationality but he was a black belt recognized in his country and in the USA, so I decided to attend his seminar. From the first moment he entered the school and began to teach us, he literally blew my mind, he explained with such clarity each technique and its sequences, that everything made sense. After that class, I never stopped being his student, from white belt to now a proud black belt of Professor Juan Pablo Garcia.

I leave you with one recommendation whether you are a beginner or want to become a professional in Jiu Jitsu and that is to try his methodology, I am convinced that it will bring you significant benefits and transform your approach to Jiu Jitsu in a positive way, just as it did for me. I encourage you to experiment, see the results, and enjoy the journey.

- Fabian Soto, EDJ Chile Head Instructor


Each year the Course evolves to reflect the improvements made to our Methodology and systems to each participant’s learning experience.

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