Free Women Jiu Jitsu Workshop!!

jiu jitsu seminar Dec 07, 2021

Special event with 2 IBJJF Champions Kim Pruyssers & MJ Rojas.

Simple things like walking to your car when it's dark out, going out anywhere alone, even walking past large groups of males can be uncomfortable!

This is why you should know some basic self-defense. Not only will this help you be able to react correctly in situations where you may need to use force, but it will give you an overall sense of self confidence knowing that you are not defenseless!

Jiu Jitsu specifically is a martial arts based on controlling the movements of your opponent, and requires less strength and more techniques! Which makes it perfect for smaller people and women! (Not meaning it is not a good workout, because even though you don't use a lot of strength, you use all your muscles in these movements!)

So come by and work up a sweat, meet some cool new women, learn life-saving Self-Defense techniques, and HAVE FUN!


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