Jiu Jitsu World League Results

news Aug 02, 2022

Over the weekend, some of our athletes went out and competed at the JJWL Fullerton Tournament and the Elite 8 Championship. We did extremely well as a team and had a lot of people take home medals. Here are a few pictures of some of the adults & Kids that competed.


Team toke 2nd place on our first Elite 8 Tournament!

Adults Results:

Bryan Caceres 🥇 Gold

Ava Groves 🥇 Gold

Celeste Carbajal 🥇 Gold

Jose Aguilera 🥇 Gold

Hassan ElDemerdash 🥇 Gold

Amanda Bennett 🥈 Silver

Neil Cantu 🥈 Silver

Marcos Lopes 🥉 Bronze

Keion Hayes 🥉 Bronze

Stephani Garcia 🥉 Bronze

Kids Results:

Ayden🥇 Gold

Hailey🥈 Silver

Keira🥈 Silver

Arianna🥉 Bronze

RJ🥉 Bronze

Congratulations to all the competitors from team EDJ who put it on the line this past weekend! We are proud of your hard work and commitment.

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